The objective of this page is twofold. 
 First, I want to share some thoughts  on CAD related issues. 
 Second, I would like to give some  introduction  to my papers
on SAT, equivalence checking and logic synthesis

Some preliminary remarks


Currently ECAD mostly uses an evolutionary approach. Every next paper tries to make a step forward trying to solve slightly larger benchmarks. Of course, such an approach has its merits which range from writing numerouse papers to having some positive "monotonicity" of results which should hopefully,lead to solving the problem in its entirety.

Hubert Dreyfus ridiculed such an approach in the context of AI. He said that "believing that writing these types of programs will bring us closer to real artificial intelligence is like believing that someone climbing a tree is making progress toward reaching the moon.". (A shorter version of this idea is captured in the expression "vacuuming the beach".)